Reality Check Self Defense Staying Safe in Close Range by Pat Major


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Reality Check Self Defense Staying Safe in Close Range by Pat Major
Prepare for the real life street altercation with Pat Major
Learn to fight in close quarters with efficiency
Discover the different variables of the street exchange and how to manage them accordingly
Understand the different phases of a fight and what must be done at each stage to protect yourself and be efficient under stress
No one likes to think about it, but you never know when you'll need to defend yourself or your loved ones in a real life street altercation. These scenarios are often not very pretty but we must, BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY, win and escape with as little damage as possible. What about variables like knives and guns? These throw a completely different wrench into the situation and unfortunately they are things that must be considered!
The flow of a street fight has been studied and picked apart by hundreds of people, but Pat Major has compiled a solid library of techniques for some of the MOST COMMON STREET SCENARIOS and how they play out. He’s broken down the street fight into different phases, to help you UNDERSTAND THE FORMULA OF AN ALTERCATION and some of the variables you may encounter when fighting in close range.
Learn how to develop a dynamic stance that serves you in the street fight, so that you can BE PREPARED FROM THE INSTANT A SITUATION TURNS BAD. You'll be instructed on the different phases of a fight and their unique variables, including knives and guns. Use the clinch as an offensive and defensive tool to manage distance and limit damage. UNDERSTAND THE ROLE CONFINED SPACES PLAY IN A COMBATIVE EXCHANGE and how to manage these types of scenarios.
From common misconceptions to defending against knives, guns, and sticks, Major will walk you through some of the MOST EXTREME AND IMPORTANT FACTORS in 4 incredibly illuminating volumes of self defense curriculum. He'll show you how to be effective under stress so you can control some of the most dire situations you could ever imagine and give you some things to think about that you may have never considered in your own training.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Phases to the fight 
Phase 2 common misconceptions
Phase 2 continue knife
Phase 2 continue gun 
Phase 3 striking and clinch (offense) 
Phase 3 striking and clinch (defensive)
Part 2:
Clinch (offense/defensive) 
Clinch 2
Part 3:
Phase 4 ground
Confined space 
Part 4:
Weapons considerations (stick)
Knife defense
Gun retention
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