Jim Grovers Combatives Series Volumes 1-3 by Kelly McCann aka Jim Grover

Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, is a real-world operator who knows what works and what doesn't from violent personal experience. In this explosive three-part series available exclusively from Paladin Press, Grover presents step-by-step instruction in his unique method of hand-to-hand combat. This vicious system combines the best elements of combat-proven military combatives, hard-core street fighting and Grover's distinctive in-your-face attitude. The result is an easily learned, exceptionally brutal fighting system that really works. Grover covers every aspect of unarmed fighting, including basic strikes and kicks, combination sequences, realistic combat ground fighting and defenses against a variety of stand-up attacks. He also teaches you how to survive the scary world of close-range weapons, providing detailed instruction in unarmed defenses against knives and handguns and his combat-proven stick fighting system. As Jim Grover says, "The only dirty fight is the one you lose."

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Release 1 March 2004

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Jim Grovers Combatives Series Volumes 1-3 by Kelly McCann aka Jim Grover

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