Together with Ryan Hurst, head coach for RMAX/CST Asia, Scott Sonnon, USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion, introduces the Saddle Theory of Sambo for MMA. Scott will show you seven basic mechanics, four basic positions, seven core leg locks and basic counter attacks.
Volume 1: Lower Body Positional Fighting- Scott Sonnon and Ryan Hurst introduce the Saddle Theory and walk you through basic Sambo moves.
Volume 2: Sweeps and Passes- Learn how to master full saddle sweeps and full saddle passes.
Volume 3: Recounters- Scott Sonnon teaches you recounters, side saddle sweeps and side saddle passes.
Volume 4: Guard Entries- Get ready to learn how to turn the guard against your opponent using several guard entries.
Volume 5: Advanced Entries- Learn the advanced techniques of X-guard entries, knee-on-belly entries and cross-side entries.
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Sambo for MMA 5 Volume by Scott Sonnon

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