Mastering the Saddle by Scott Sonnon 5 DVD set
In Mastering the Saddle, USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion, Scott Sonnon, who earned the sport’s most coveted athletic distinction as Distinguished Master of Sport, reveals the signature “Saddle” techniques that have made him one of the most respected leg lock coaches in the world. With 101 step-by-step moves, including entries, sweeps, passes, recounters, and a host of submissions, this series is a must for all competitors searching for an edge over the competition.  
Sambo prides itself on fast-wrestling - with only 60 seconds of groundfighting permitted. In mixed martial arts, however, these locks only work 20% of the time and aren’t worth sacrificing quality position. As a result, Scott Sonnon modified traditional Sambo to become a “lower-half” positional approach so that fighters could both strike and defend against strikes, could maintain positional dominance, and could easily transition from one submission to the next in a chess-like fashion, as Brazilian Jiujitsu has become known for in the “upper-half” game. 
As more details of the Saddles are published and more people begin training it, it will flash like wild fire across the MMA community, as they offer incredibly greater success in mixed martial arts than traditional Sambo, and soon will become the most useful of the many accepted variations in the leg attack game.
1: Introduction
-Fast/Short vs Slow/Long
-Saddle theory
2: Seven basic mechanics
-Shin in hip fold
-Fight behind the knee
-Slip-knot leg triangle
-Back brace
-Knife hand
3: Four basic positions
-Full saddle
-Side saddle
-Reverse saddle
-Rear saddle
4: Seven core leg locks
-Achilles lock
-Ankle lock
-Double achilles
-Heel hook
-Foot lock
-Knee bar
-Knee slice
5: Basic counter attacks
-Paper cutter calf crush
-Double achilles
-Bow and arrow
-Side swirly
1: Full saddle basic sweeps
-Internal corkscrew
-Shinbox sweep
-Croc roll
-Croc roll variation 2
-Croc roll variation 3
-Windshield wiper
2: Full saddle basic passes
-Knee shrimp
-Delta pass
-Delta pass variation 2
-Knee thread
-Knee thread variation 2
-Mission control kick-over
-Hugger kick-off
1: Saddle basic recounters
-Donkey slice
-Double donkey
-Donkey kick
-Gordian knot
-Leg knot full saddle
-Leg knot variation 2
2: Side saddle basic sweeps
-Achilles flow
-Shinbox sweep
-Croc roll
-Croc roll variation 2
-Leg knot side saddle
3: Side saddle basic passes
-3 step pass
-Frog kick
-Full saddle reversal
1: Basic guard entries
-Thigh ride
-Thigh ride variation 2
-Rear shin swing
-Flying saddle
-Flying saddle variation 2
2: Basic half guard entries
--Knee slice
-Banana peel
-Banana peel variation 2
-Outside spin
-Inside shrimp
-3: Basic open guard entries
-Ankle pick
-Dirtball sweep
-Butterfly pick
-Pick switch
4: Basic scissors guard entries
-Scissors pick
-Scissors pick variation 2
DVD 5:
1: Basic X-guard entries
-Figure 8
-Toilet seat
2: Basic knee on belly entries
-Cossack knee switch
-Cossack knee variation
-Cross-mount spin
-Duck under
-Lap dance
-Lap dance variation 2
3: Basic cross side entries
-Basic cradle
-Pry bar
-Ball and chain
-Banana split variations 1-5
4: Basic turtle entries
-Suicide cradle
-Banana split
-Seatbelt roll
-Rolling saddle
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Rilis Agustus 2005
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Mastering the Saddle by Scott Sonnon 5 DVD set Sambo for MMA

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