Exhaust your opponents with elite level fighting tactics and dominate the combat sambo exchange
Learn to fight efficiently in close quarters using strikes and throws
Uncover the best ways to defend against a multitude of strikes and apply simple throws to a variety of defensive scenarios
Discover the secret methods of striking trajectory and how to use it to your advantage
Combat Sambo mixes the most exciting elements of striking and grappling, providing the practitioner with a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND ULTRA-EFFICIENT MARTIAL ART. Here you’ll learn how to use beautiful throwing techniques against a multitude of defensive striking scenarios. But the content does not stop there. You’ll also gain the skills necessary to fight in close quarters using strikes and throws, helping you to DOMINATE ANY COMBAT SITUATION.
Sambo World Champion Ivan Vasylchuk will be your guide as you explore the many exciting facets of combat sambo. He’ll present you with ANSWERS FOR NEARLY EVERY SITUATION YOU’LL ENCOUNTER in this type of combat setting and REVEAL HIDDEN SECRETS TO MORE EFFICIENT SAMBO FIGHTING APPLICATIONS. You’ll be cutting angles, setting up picture perfect throws, and exhausting your opponents as YOU UNCOVER THE MOST CRITICAL DETAILS necessary to become a successful combat sambo fighter.
So, What's On This Series?
You’ll be treated to 10 in depth lessons packed with incredible details. In each lesson a particular topic is discussed ranging from throwing strikes, to close quarters fighting, and defending all different kinds of attacks with throws. Vasylchuk’s knowledge and experience is vast and his technique is the best on the planet. This will reduce your learning curve and help you recruit the skills you’ve been searching for!
Vasylchuk’s approach is simple and straight forward and his world champion level technique shines throughout these 10 important lessons. He’s also recruited the assistance of world-renowned combat sambist, Anatoly Voloshinov to help guide you through these important themes and bring even more value to this already spectacular library of techniques you need to know.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Lesson 1 
Lesson 2
Part 2:
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Part 3:
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Part 4:
Lesson 9 
Lesson 10
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Sambo Academy Combat Sambo by Ivan Vasylchuck

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