Add dangerous tools and never before seen details to your arsenal of throwing techniques
Learn what makes the art of sambo so incredibly effective and reap the benefits of world class instruction and technique
Use amazing action/reaction set ups to bait your opponents in to dangerous traps that make throwing feel easy
Uncover hidden secrets to critical submission mechanics and vicious lower body attacks
Sambo is one of the most highly effective martial arts on the planet. Contained within this incredible art are some of THE BEST HIDDEN SECRETS IN THE REALM OF COMBAT. The blending of the most effective and applicable fighting systems in the world, come together to make up a complete and total blueprint for TOTAL COMBAT DOMINATION. From throws and foot sweeps, to some of the MOST VICIOUS SUBMISSIONS IN THE GAME, sambo is as effective as it is fun to learn!
The right guide is important in your quest for sambo proficiency and Vlad Koulikov is more than qualified to be your personal instructor on this amazing journey. In his new series, Sambo Throws Revealed, Koulikov will DISCLOSE THE SECRETS OF THIS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE RUSSIAN FIGHTING SYSTEM and give you the insiders look at the most necessary lessons you need to BECOME A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SAMBO PRACTITIONER. With decades of experience, Koulikiv offers a unique style that transcends different arts and will lend itself to your game perfectly!
You’ll be treated to 3 incredible volumes of jaw dropping, eye opening content. Koulikov will begin with some basic throwing concepts and then start to open up with some action/reaction type set ups that will CONFUSE, DISORIENT, AND TURN YOUR OPPONENTS INTO PUTTY IN YOUR HANDS. Finally, he’ll make his way to some GOLD NUGGET SUBMISSION CONCEPTS that will have you chomping at the bit to get to the mat and experiment!
With over 30 years of experience in combat, Koulikov has amassed a wealth of fighting knowledge. Did we mention he’s also a sambo world champion, as well as a black belt in judo, and BJJ? This man is cut from rare cloth and has more information to share than you could possibly imagine! You’ll enjoy the straight forward instruction and begin recruiting new techniques int to your tool box right away with Koulikov’s direct approach to teaching!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Tan Otoshi/ Back Trip
Lateral Drop/ uki waza 
Suplex/ ura Nagi 
Fireman’s Carry/ Kata Garuma
Part 2:
Sumi Gaeshi to Kani Basami 
Uchi Mata to Heel Trip
Hip to Hip position to Tani Otoshi 
Hip Twitch to Ouchi Gaki 
Osoto Gari to Harigoshi
Sesae tsurikomi ashi (double pop) 
De Ashi Barai 
Pulyaev roll
Part 3:
Armbar from Yatskevuch roll 
Breaking Grips for Armbar 
50/50 Ankle Lock to Free Leg Trap
50/50 Short Achilles Lock 
50/50 Belly Down Ankle Lock 
5/50 Berlin Backstep
Butterfly Guard to Reap
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Sambo Throws Revealed by Vladislav Koulikov

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