Sambo Academy Arm Bars by Ivan Vasylchuck
Combat Sambo World Champ Ivan Vasylchuk is here to help you master the Arm Bar!
Not just ANY Arm Bar, Ivan demonstrates the finer details of finishing the Arm Bar at a much higher percentage.
Learn 7 positions of control that open more ways finally find the Arm Bar. PERFECT for catching more experienced practitioners.
Ivan shows you how to Drill in a way that makes your Arm Bar automatic!
Force your opponent to make mistakes through Ivan’s combat approved approach.
Ivan provides 12 lessons jam-packed with game changing details that will have you locking Arm Bars that finish the fight.
The Arm Bar is one of the most iconic techniques in ALL of martial arts. The Arm Bar is used in ANY combat sport that is worth practicing. Sambo Academy: Arm Bars is a masterclass in this high percentage technique. If you like brutally fast attacks that can secure you a quick tap, then Ivan Vasylchuk is the instructor for you.
The major difference with Ivan’s approach is that it is very aggressive, which is essential to getting an efficient Arm Bar. How many times have you went to arm bar someone only for them to fully lock their hands together to defend? You aren’t alone. Locking the hands is a simple defense that anyone with a pulse can figure out. That said, it can defeat a weak arm bar attempt.
Sambo Academy: Arm Bars is laid out in 12 easy to follow lessons. The lessons cover All-Things Arm Bar, and will give you swift options of attack from the guard, mount, side control, and MORE. On top of becoming a Arm Bar machine, Ivan covers major defensive concepts that go WAY beyond locking your hands. Discover how to use your weight in a way that can stifle the arm bar and buy you some time to turn the tables.
Finishing submissions is a make or break concept that many people overlook. Ivan goes DEEP on the psychology of finishing submissions. Learn to develop the grit required to not only secure the arm, but effectively submit your opponent. Remember Combat Sambo involves strikes so Ivan goes beyond the basics in defending strikes while setting traps to hyperextend the elbow.
To top it off Ivan demonstrates drills to improve your fluidity of movement. Sambo Academy: Arm Bars builds your basics and then fine tunes them with drills that develop your ability to snag arm bars from multiple angles and positions.
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Sambo Academy Arm Bars by Ivan Vasylchuck

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