Attend the Sambo Academy, and get ready for a masterclass in the Straight Achilles Lock!
Ivan Vasylchuk is back again with his aggressive attacking style and this time he is breaking down the Straight Achilles Lock.
The Achilles Lock is a great entry into the leg lock game, and soon it will be a core part of your leg game.
Ivan provides drills to increase your speed at attacking the Straight Achilles Lock.
Learn how to systematically transfer from basic movements to more advanced in your pursuit of the Straight Achilles Lock.
Shake your opponent’s confidence with bone rattling Achilles Locks!
Ivan Vasylchuk provides a straight forward look at the Straight Achilles Lock that trims the fat and focuses on devastating finishes. Do you get lost with one-off techniques when the pressure is on? You aren’t alone. Sambo Academy: Straight Achilles Leg Lock gives you a systematic approach that will work from beginner to advanced.
On top of the systematic approach Vasylchuk gives you drills to help you with developing muscle memory from numerous positions. Consistent and effective drilling can aid immensely in pulling off the achilles lock in a live situation. When the pressure is on, your drilling will come in handy. Ivan covers ways to immobilize your opponent with systematic controls involving the strongest parts of your body.
Ivan covers the most common mistakes with the achilles lock, and shows you how to fix them. Once you understand where the achilles lock goes wrong you can also use this knowledge to defend the achilles lock! Ivan even shows how to rattle your opponent’s confidence by constantly threatening leg locks. After 12 lessons with Ivan the Straight Achilles Lock could become YOUR signature move!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Lesson 1
Lesson 2 
Lesson 3 
Lesson 4
Part 2:
Lesson 5 
Lesson 6 
Lesson 7
Part 3:
Lesson 8 
Lesson 9 
Lesson 10 
Lesson 11 
Lesson 12
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Sambo Academy Straight Achilles Leg Lock by Ivan Vasylchuck

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