Learn how to attack quickly and efficiently with Armbars, Footlocks, and Kneebars.
Use Ivan’s unique entries that will have you finding submissions from standing, half guard, full guard, and MORE!
Cover a wide array of attacks for all ranges of experience. Learn basic armbars all the way to flying armbars!
Transition from standing position directly into submission!
Use Ivan’s trademark scissor takedown to safely take the fight to the floor and immediately begin attacking with leg locks.
Part 1:
The base of an armlock 
Jumping arm bar “visyachka” 
Achilles leg lock basics 
Takedown from standing to Achilles lock
Part 2:
The basics of the knee bar from half guard - option 1 
Knee bar basics from half guard - option 2
Rolling knee bar on the ground 
Rolling knee bar from standing 
Knee leg lock from the stand jumping - "visyachka on the knee" 
Arm bar from guard — option 1 
Arm bar from guard — option 2
Knee Leg Lock From Jump Standing
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Killer Sambo Submissions by Ivan Vasylchuk

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