Master sambo’s most vicious throwing techniques with Sambo world champion, Ivan Vasylchuk
Perform successfully in situations of all kinds after practicing the throwing techniques in this highly effective series
From the hip throw, to the front trip, and the double leg, everyone will find new and exciting takedowns to add to their stand-up arsenal in this collection of devastating throws
In Devastating Sambo Throws Sambo world champion Ivan Vasylchuk will provide you with the same tools he's used to be successful at the highest levels of Sambo competition. You'll learn and master some of the MOST VICIOUS and exciting throws in all of grappling, so that you can become a force to be reckoned with in any takedown setting!
The art of Sambo boasts some of the most BRUTAL AND EFFECTIVE techniques in all of grappling. Understanding the inner workings of these incredible throwing techniques will GIVE YOU THE EDGE in the standing exchange and provide you with the confidence you need from the feet!
Vasylchuk will pick up the pace right away, starting with the hip throw and from there the action does not stop until you reach the front sweep and complete the 17 lessons. There’s nothing here but pure, raw, INTELLIGENT THROWING MASTERY! So, get out the crash pad and get to work!
In these 17 exciting lessons, Vasylchuk, through world-class instruction will share with you some of the most devastating throwing techniques you’ve ever seen and he’ll even provide you with a guide for how many repetitions you need to perform for each technique. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the best in the game!
Throw Your Foot In Their Stomach Tomoe Nage
Part 1:
Hip Throw (Tsuri Goshi)
Outside Trip (Ko Soto Gake)
Throw Over the Head (Sumi Gaeshi) 
Leg Hook from the inside of a different leg (O-Uchi-Gari) 
Front trip (Tai Otoshi)
Rear trip (O-Soto-Gari) 
Foot sweep 
Ura Nage
Part 2:
Windmill (Kata Guruma)
Inside trip (Ko Uchi Gake)
Knee tap (Kibisu Gaeshi) 
Double lag takedown (Morote Gari)
Ko-Uchi-Gari with the foot on the inside 
Lateral revolution (Te Guruma) 
Throw your foot in the stomach (Tomoe Nage) 
Front sweep (Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi) 
Double Leg Takedown
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Devastating Sambo Throws by Ivan Vasylchuk

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