• Effective Sambo Attacks by Andrei Kazusenok
Go on the attack from the beginning of the match with quick hitting entries into brutal takedowns like kata guruma, ippon seoi nage, and MORE!
Transition directly from throw to submission with Andrei’s non-stop approach.
Use small defensive adjustments to put your opponent out of position at key moments in the fight.
Exploit openings for fight ending submissions that catch your opponent off guard!
Andrei teaches masterful techniques that ANYONE can do.
Use an aggressive approach to dominate the mats!
Effective Sambo Attacks is a 4-part series that blends the world of Judo with Sambo. Not only is Andrei Kazusenok a Sambo World Champion he was also a Judo Olympian! This unique blend of experience allows Andrei to tap into the tactical technique of Judo and combine it with an explosiveness of Sambo. Throughout the 4-part series you will learn how to execute silky smooth technique in a moment’s notice!
Practice makes perfect, and Andrei teaches you how to practice each technique in a safe and secure way. This is where you can sharpen your entries for each technique, and as you progress you can add more explosiveness. Andrei has made a career out of launching folks through the air with a wide array of techniques, and now he’s ready to show you how it’s done!
Since the rules of Sambo and Judo are very different, Andrei teaches you to get to work as soon as the battle hits the floor. Whereas many throws would equal an Ippon in Judo, in Sambo the fight continues until the round is over or someone submits! Right as your opponent hits the mat it’s important to not create too much space for them to return to a more defensive position. Instead, Andrei teaches you how to gain complete control over your opponent and impose your will on them!
With or without the uniform Andrei has a wide array of turning throws, trips, and takedowns that will cover all aspects of a strong grappling game. Develop an aggressive, yet tactful approach to your game with Effective Sambo Attacks! Check out the complete technique list below!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Kata Guruma 
Kuchiki Taoshi
Kuchiki Taoshi Variation 
Yoko Otoshi 
Hip Throw Variations
Sumi Gaeshi 
Kosoto Gake
Part 2:
Ippon Seoi Nage 
Juji Gatame 
Kata Guruma Variations 
Achilles Lock
Part 3:
Calf Slicer
Rolling Shoulder Lock 
Tachi Waza Technique 
Tai Otoshi
Part 4:
Kata Guruma & Kani Basami Variations
Ashi Waza Technique 
Kani Basami 
Maki Komi 
No-Gi Tachi Waza 
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Effective Sambo Attacks by Andrei Kazusenok

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