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Val Riazanov was born in 1970. in the USSR and since 1979., within 6 years, was a member of the Olympic team, judo and sambo. During this time Val has won various competitions and championships and won the title of International Masters of Sport in Sambo and won the 6 dan in judo.

In 1987. Val called in the army, where he served in Special Forces, and later in the special units of the KGB, and participated in numerous combat operations. Later he worked as an instructor at the KGB, teaching Sambo.Uvolivshis soldiers from the army, Val went to London and 12 years worked as a consultant on security at government and private companies.

During this period, Val met Mikhail Ryabko and became a qualified instructor of Russian fighting art known as Systema.Val also held several seminars in the Netherlands, Ireland and Ukraine, by special invitation of the Ukrainian Government, Ireland and Russia. Also taught the Marines at the U.S. Embassy in London, performed in competitions in boxing and mixed martial arts, becoming British champion in the heavyweight division.

The DVD “Ballistic Striking 2″ – This DVD goes into a more in depth view of applying the strikes, and keeping them concealed for maximum effect- making you a force to be reckoned with. In this video Val will walk you though…

  • Simple exercises for hand pad training to improve your striking power
  • The KGB’s secret “psychology of confrontation” and how it can save your life
  • A simple exercise with stick used for centuries by ancient Systema practitioners
  • How to react to an opponents strikes and use them against him
  • Advanced Systema mechanics to quickly counter and return strikes
  • A training exercise with a bullwhip you simply won’t believe until you see it
  • The special movement training that made the Soviet Spetsnaz troops so deadly
  • Special tight quarters techniques that will keep you alive in combat situation

What a great systema video!!!

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