Warhead-Russian Systema Combat Psychology-Kevin Secours


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Warhead-Russian Systema Combat Psychology-Kevin Secours

This DVD outlines the role of psychological delivery mechanisms in self-defense scenarios. Simply put, we are all "warheads"--powerful natural weapons, programmed with instinctive survival skills, but just like a military warhead relies on a missile to reach its target, our own self-defense skills also rely on psychological, behavioral and physical mechanisms to bring our weapons to bear. Beginning with a treatment of proxemics (body positioning and distance), the DVD moves into breathing, combat goals, spinal loading and visualization, verbal de-escalation, pre-emptive striking, overcoming the inhibitions to strike first and much, much more. Filled with drills for developing soft skills and subtle avoidance strategies as well as a large variety of contact work against resistant opponents and role-playing demos alike, this DVD is your roadmap to introducing combat psychology into a functional training program.

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