• Taekkyon-Traditional Korean Martial Art-Lee Yong-Bok

Taekkyon is a native Korean martial art that was nearly lost forever during the early 1900's. Preserved by Grandmaster Song Duk-ki until his death, it is considered a Cultural Asset by the Korean government. The movements of Taekkyon are characterized by rhythmic beauty and grace that hide the deadly intent of its practitioners. In this Taekkyon DVD, filmed on location at the historical Korean Folk Village in Yongin, Grandmaster Lee Yong-bok, head of the Korea Taekkyon Association, and his National Demonstration Team present dynamic performances of Taekkyon at its best.

Lee Yong-bok is Headmaster of Korea Taekkyon Association which is recognized as the official taekkyon organization by the South Korean government. Grandmaster Lee learned from Grandmaster Song prior to his death in 1987 and is actively working to preserve the art of taekkyon. The national demonstration team led by Grandmaster Lee performs at the historical Korean Folk Village in Yongin, Korea. He is author of Taekkyon, Three Whistle Self-Defense and has been featured in national and international magazines. He also has an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education.

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Taekkyon-Traditional Korean Martial Art-Lee Yong-Bok

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