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The WTF Black Belt Poomse DVD contains the complete system of WTF style Black Belt Poomse for at home practice, testing and competition requirements from 1st through 7th degree black belt. Follow along in both front and side views as Sang H. Kim shares his personal training and performance tips to help you learn and master these important poomse. You will also learn the English and Korean name for each movement and the meaning of the poomse. Includes all 9 official taekwondo black belt poomse: Koryo, Kumkang, Taebaek, Pyong Won, Sip Jin, Ji Tae, Cheon Kwon, Han Soo and Il Yo. The only Black Belt Poomse reference you will ever need! Fully Indexed: Jump directly to the poomse you want to practice.

Sang H. Kim is an internationally respected author of 12 martial arts books, including the best sellers Ultimate Flexibility, Ultimate Fitness through Martial Arts, 1001 Ways To Motivate Yourself & Others (available in 22 languages) and Teaching: the Way of the Master, and star of over 100 martial arts instructional DVDs and video downloads programs including Ultimate Fitness, Power Breathing, Junsado Training Series, and Complete Taekwondo Series. He won the 1976 Korean National Champion and was named Instructor of the Year by the Korean government in 1983. He earned a B.S. degree in English Literature, an M.S. degree in Sports Science and a Ph.D. in Sports Media Studies. He has been featured in over 200 national and international magazines and newspapers including Black Belt, Joongang Central Daily-New York, Fighter's Magazine-UK, El Nacional, The Times and Hartford Courant.

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