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Once you are able to feel "Chi", and have worked with the basics of "inner structure", you are ready to learn the classic movements of Tai Chi Qigong. This relaxing and meditative practice teaches you how to move from a center aligned with the energy of the earth. This "rooting" of your body allows Chi to flow through you effortlessly.

The "Chi" generated through your practice can be used in martial arts and in your everyday life. Tai Chi will bring ease and grace to the way you move throughout the world

The Inner Structure of Tai Chi delves right into the fundamentals of the internal tai chi practice. In this short, easy to learn form, Master Chia reveals the real treasure of Tai Chi Qigong: the energetic movement that comprises the inner structure. Through the regular practice of Tai Chi Qigong you can learn to move your body effortlessly, utilizing energy or Chi, rather than muscle tension. By feeling the circulation of Chi through the acupuncture channels, muscles and tendons, your body learns more efficient ways of utilizing energy in motion.

The Inner Structure of Tai Chi presents the 9 Levels of Tai Chi Qigong, including: Yin & Yang Form, Rootedness Form, Spinal Cord Chi Transfer Form, Changing the Tendon Forms, Tan Tien Chi Form, Organ Healing Form, Skin Breathing & Bone Marrow Form, Inner Structure and Applications, and the Combined Form.

Running Time 3 hours 23 minutes

1. Tao Garden Introduction
2. Tai Chi Form Theory
3. Power Comes From the Earth-Rooting
4. Yielding Force
5. Tendon Strengthening
6. Mix Chi With Jing
7. Opening the Kua
8. Inner Structure of Tai Chi Form
9. The Position Attack
10. Standing Position
11. Activating the Tendons
12. Tai Chi Form Practice

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qigong. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos

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