Mantak Chia Tai Chi 6 DVD Set


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Mantak Chia Tai Chi 6 DVD Set

Tai Chi Chi Kung I

The Inner Structure of Tai Chi delves right into the fundamentals of the internal tai chi practice. In this short, easy to learn form, Master Chia reveals the real treasure of Tai Chi Chi Kung I: the energetic movement that comprises the inner structure. Through the regular practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung you can learn to move your body effortlessly, utilizing energy or Chi, rather than muscle tension. By feeling the circulation of Chi through the acupuncture channels, muscles and tendons, your body learns more efficient ways of utilizing energy in motion.

The Inner Structure of Tai Chi presents the 9 Levels of Tai Chi Chi Kung I, including: Yin & Yang Form, Rootedness Form, Spinal Cord Chi Transfer Form, Changing the Tendon Forms, Tan Tien Chi Form, Organ Healing Form, Skin Breathing & Bone Marrow Form, Inner Structure and Applications, and the Combined Form.

Tai Chi Chi Kung II

Tai Chi II focuses on the discharge of energy and power. It is an often overlooked part of the tai chi practice. This dvd builds on the Inner Structure of Tai Chi I and utilizes the same principles of effortless movement and internal power.

This DVD set will take you to the classroom of Master Chia's teaching.


    * Five Direction Flow
    * Move From the Center
    * Flow with Unity
    * Discharge Energy
    * Connect to the Earth

Also, Master Chia shows Single and Double Push Hands. He shows the energetic quality of the different directions of force, and the self-defense applications.

Cultivation Tai Chi 24 Movements

Li Hechun is a modern priest of the Longmen (Dragon Gate) branch of the Ch'uan-chen (Complete Perfection) School of Taoism in China. This school emphasizes the practice of "neidan", or inner alchemy, in the interest of cultivating the spirit.

Master Li was born in June 1978, in Shangluo of Shaanxi. He was brought up in a traditional cultural and Daoist atmosphere and developed a strong passion for Taoist studies and martial art.

He took his refuge at Chingyang Gong temple in Chengdu, China, studying with Taoist Chen Benshan. Chen is a great hermit and fifteenth generation disciple of Dragon Gate. He instilled Li with the Taoist name "Hechun".

Master Li has participated in a number of international conferences on Taoist Studies and had numerous papers published in Daoist and Traditional Chinese Magazines.

Arts studied include meditation, playing Taoist music on the ancient "guqing" stringed instrument, painting calligraphy, teaching Tai-chi and Push-hands, chanting ancient scriptures, and performing rituals.

Recently, Li Hechun completed his Master's degree thesis on the significance of the Taoist spirit in modern society. He Loves teaching cultivation practices, and sharing the riches of Taoist culture with all.

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