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TaiChi Rushing and Sudden Agile Fist is an ancient shadowboxing popular in Wen county, Henan province. It features aureole all around the exerciser, so people call it supernatural shadowboxing. The ancients call the second routines as TaiChi one-end-cudgel play which is supplemented by the first routine. Why is it called one-end-cudgel play? It is to grip one end and hit with the other end of the cudgel. This play can also disentangle oneself by a flash fighting. It also demonstrates the techniques of kicking, hitting, wrestling and capturing. Constant exercise of the first and second routines will help one experience the integration of universe and man, as is typical of TaiChiQuan.

This is a Kung Fu training video on Yuan ZhanGuo Tai Chi Quan: Taiji Ond End Cudgel Play I lectured by famous master Yuan ZhanGuo.

Master Yuan ZhanGuo is The 4th generation master of "tengnuo" & "huling" movements, the 11th Generation Disciple of Chen-style Taichiquan and Heavyweight Champion of the 1st Taichiquan Fight-hand-to-hand Challenge Tournament Held in 1984. And it is going to be an splendid experience to learn Taiji Ond End Cudgel Play I from professional Kung Fu master Yuan ZhanGuo.

bahasa mandarin
subtitle inggris
durasi 49 menit
kualitas VCD
rilis 2008
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