• Boxing Fundamentals by Drian Francisco
Boxing Fundamentals by Drian Francisco

Learn the fundamentals of boxing from the ground up from WBA Boxing World Champion Drian Francisco!

No detail is spared as Boxing World Champion Drian Francisco breaks down every aspect of boxing, teaching the basic techniques and fundamentals that all practitioners need to master. Learn the vital details behind the boxing stance, footwork, punches, defensive blocking and evasive techniques, counter punching and more.

Covering all of boxing’s fundamental techniques, this Master Course will help complete beginners create a strong foundation to build upon. This Master Course can also help more experienced practitioners refine their techniques and fix bad habits.

Packed with over 9 hours of on-demand video content structured into 11 instructional chapters, Evolve University’s Boxing Fundamentals Master Course is the ultimate guide to starting your boxing journey.

01 stance,footwork, and guard
02 jabs
03 crosses
04 hooks
05 uppercuts
06 overhands
07 punching combinations drills
08 boxing defense blocks
09 boxing defense evasion
10 counter punching
11 beginner boxing drills and combinations

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duration 9 hours 0 minutes
Release August 2023
Boxing Fundamentals by Drian Francisco

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Boxing Fundamentals by Drian Francisco

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