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These two tapes deal with what I call boxing for No Holds Barred, or boxing for Self Defense or Boxing for Toughman Contests. The content and instruction for basic and “dirty” boxing technique is excellent and will give any person a solid start in boxing fundamentals.

(If you are looking to go into amateur boxing you will need a different block of instruction after these tapes that goes more into equipment, hand wrapping, rules of the ring, sanctioning, etc. Check with Ringside.com)

For the MMA and person interested in self-defense, these tapes are dead on in that they provide an effective striking base founded on Western Pugilism but in a context that accounts for no rules and defense against grappling.

You get instruction in the basic punching mechanics, instruction in “illegal” techniques, kick defenses, defense against takedowns, tons of drills, tons of focus pad drills, and good discussion in dealing with boxing in the context of NHB and the street. There is technique after technique with no filler. To me the gold sections were the “illegal” techniques and the dozens (literally) of drills that were demonstrated.

These tapes were great. If they had included a few minutes on the heavy bag and some full contact footage they would be perfect. I highly recommend them.

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