• Apollonia Poilane Teaches Bread Baking

MasterClass Apollonia Poilane Teaches Bread Baking

As a third-generation baker and CEO of the renowned Parisian bakery Poilâne, Apollonia Poilâne keeps time-honored traditions alive with every loaf. Now she’s sharing the joy of making bread from scratch with her recipes and hands-on demonstrations. Learn how to make your own starter and a variety of French breads, including rustic wheat, rye, and brioche. Taste, smell, and feel your way to fresh, warm bread at home. 1. Meet Your Instructor Recounting the story of the bakery started by her grandfather in 1932 and expanded by her father before taking the reins, Apollonia introduces herself and her revered Parisian bakery and explains what you’ll learn in the class. 2. Baking à la Poilâne Learn some of Apollonia’s core baking philosophies—including using all of one’s senses—as well as practical guidelines for ingredients and equipment. 3. Sourdough Starter Apollonia demonstrates her French at-home starter, demystifying how to build and maintain a leaven and explaining the richness it lends to loaves. 4. Poilâne-Style Wheat Loaf: Mixing & Shaping Using the sourdough starter made in the previous lesson, Apollonia shares the secrets to mastering Poilâne’s crown jewel—its world-famous country-style wheat loaf—from mixing to proofing and shaping. 5. Poilâne-Style Wheat Loaf: Scoring & Baking Apollonia puts the finishing touches on her wheat loaf—including baking and a scoring tutorial—and walks you through a side-by-side loaf analysis of common baking issues. 6. Rye Apollonia introduces you to the Poilâne approach to rye: a rich, floral loaf leavened by the same starter used for the wheat loaf. 7. Pain de Mie Pain de mie literally translates to “bread of crumb.” With this first yeast-based recipe, Apollonia demonstrates how using a delicate hand results in a loaf with an irresistible, cloud-like texture. 8. Brioche Apollonia demonstrates the way to achieve the quintessential airy texture and perfectly domed tops of this French favorite while reflecting on time spent honing her brioche technique as a young apprentice in the bakehouse at Poilâne. 9. Savory Corn Flour Bread An Apollonia original, this corn flour bread is a recipe she spent a decade refining. She shares her process for making the gluten-free and vegan loaf, originally inspired by college dinners at Harvard. 10. Fresh Bread: Sourdough Wheat Tartines Demonstrating an all-time favorite from Poilâne’s sister café, Apollonia shares the recipe for her open-faced ham-and-cheese sandwich and her hack for perfectly toasted slices of bread. 11. Dry Bread: Savory Pain de Mie Pain Perdu Apollonia shares her savory approach to using dry bread in this tomato-and-curry-studded French toast, a departure from the typically sweet version. 12. Dry Bread: Sourdough Wheat & Rye Granola Swapping oats for dried bread, Apollonia introduces an innovative riff on granola, a great use for loaves that are no longer fresh. 13. Stale Bread: Crouton Variations Apollonia demonstrates two techniques for turning stale bread into delicious croutons: one oven-baked, the other pan-fried. 14. Stale Bread: Caesar Salad With Flavored Brioche Croutons Apollonia shares her reimagined version of a Caesar salad featuring richly marinated brioche croutons that become the star of the show. 15. Stale Bread: Breadcrumbs & Sourdough Wheat Pesto Apollonia replaces cheese and pine nuts with breadcrumbs and walnuts in this at once creative and surprisingly true-to-form take on pesto. 16. Bread as Art: Decorating Your Loaves Poilâne has a rich history of collaboration with artists, including Apollonia’s father’s friendship with Dalí. Apollonia reflects on the relationship between bread and art, and shows you how to embellish loaves with leaves, roses, and letters. 17. Rye Sablés Instant Download Only Format file 17x MKV HD 1080p duration 3 hours 35 minutes Release Oct 2020

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Apollonia Poilane Teaches Bread Baking

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