• Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

MasterClass Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

The chef and owner of two-Michelin-starred restaurant n/naka in Los Angeles, Niki Nakayama is celebrated for her modern interpretation of kaiseki, a traditional Japanese cuisine. With her partner and sous chef, Carole, Niki will teach you techniques for preparing sashimi, tempura, perfect rice, and more. Learn how to make dishes that honor fresh ingredients as Niki shows you how to cook with care and gratitude.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Niki Nakayama began her career at Takao restaurant in Brentwood. She then spent three years in Japan, working in various kitchens and immersing herself in Japanese cuisine. It was in Japan that she learned about the art of kaiseki, the traditional Japanese culinary practice that emphasizes the balance and seasonality of a series of dishes.


Today, Niki owns and operates an intimate restaurant in Los Angeles where she creates thoughtful and seasonal dishes served in the kaiseki style. In 2019, n/naka was one of six Los Angeles restaurants to receive two stars in the Michelin Guide, and was named one of Food & Wine’s 30 best restaurants in the world.

This online class includes lessons on:

• Kaiseki Cooking

• Japanese Pantry Essentials 

• Ichiban Dashi: Kombu and Bonito Stock 

• Japanese Kitchen Tools 

• Rockfish: Whole Fish Preparation

• Balance in Kaiseki

• Zukuri: Modern Rockfish Sashimi 

• Owan: Soup With Bone Broth 

• Tuna: Portions for Otsukuri and Yakimono

• Otsukuri: Traditional Tuna Sashimi 

• Yakimono: Grilled Tuna

• Mushimono: Steamed Rockfish

• Agemono: Rockfish and Vegetable Tempura

• Agemono: Tuna Karaage

• Donabe: Japanese Rice Traditions

• Shokuji: Rice and Pickles 

• Ichigo Ichie

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Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

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