Ip Man Wing Chun Series 1-2: Siu Nim Tao-Benny Meng


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Part 1

        Opening the DVD is a very nice short historical segment introducing Sifu Meng, detailing his journey in the art of Wing Chun and paying homage to the many great masters under whom he studied.
    Wing Chun's Fundamental Stance and Striking Techniques
        Goat Gripping Stance
        Sun Character Stance
        Palm Strikes
        Chopping Strikes
    Fundamental Techniques (SNT Section One)
        Tan Sau (Dispersing Hand)
        Huen Sau (Encircling Hand)
        Wu Sau (Protecting Hand)
        Fook Sau (Covering Hand)
        Pak Sau (Slapping Hand)
    Fundamental Techniques (SNT Section Two)
        Gum Sau (Pressing Hand)
        Jum Sau (Resting Hand)
        Jut Sau (Stopping Hand)
        Biu Sau (Thrusting Hand)
    Fundamental Techniques (SNT Section Three)
        Gan Sau (Make Space)
        Bon Sau (Wing Hand)
    Sil Nim Tao Form Demonstrated by Sifu Benny Meng (Multiple Angles);
        Sifu Meng first demonstrates the entire Sil Nim Tao form then slowly breaks it down one technique at a time, naming each individual movement.
    Attributes Developed by Practicing the Sil Nim Tao Form
    Fighting Concepts
        Straight Line
        Two Hands Work as One
        Six Gates
        Hard and Soft Energy
        Section One
        Section Two
        Section Three

Part 2:

    Sil Nim Tao Form Demonstrated by Sifu Benny Meng (Multiple Angles)
    Slapping Hand Drills (Pak Sau)
        Basic Sequence Stationary
        Partner Applies Pressing Energy
        Putting It All Together
    Grabbing Hand Drills
        Basic Sequence
        Applying the Chopping Hand
        Applying the Low Palm Strike
        Harmonizing Energy
    Single Sticky Hands Drill (Dan Chi Sau)
        Basic Sequence
        Using the Centerline Concept
        Common Positioning Mistakes
    Foundation Hands Drill (Poon Sau)
        Basic Sequence #1: Two Hands Inside and Two Outside
        Basic Sequence #2: One Hand Inside and One Outside
    Blindfolded Demonstration of the Drills on this Video
        Sifu Meng demonstrates all of the drills that he teaches on this video while blindfolded against one of his top students.

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