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This latest instructional DVD from Alan Gibson introduces the viewer to the basic structures, training methods and ideas of the Wing Chun system. All the exercises are fully explained to aid practice and understanding.

It includes training in the stance, stepping, punching, kicking, reflex training, entering and retreating, as well as Pak Sao, Lap Sao, Dan Chi Sao, Rolling Hands, Sticking Hands and Lat Sau Chung (the springy force of Wing Chun).

The perfect film for beginners or for curious martial artists from other styles.

The DVD takes you through the beginning levels of the Wing Chun Federation's curriculum. The Wing Chun Federation - formed in 1990 by Alan - maintains a non-political standpoint and is primarily concerned with the teaching of quality kung-fu. Its objective is to teach Wing Chun in a relaxed and accessible manner, where emphasis is placed on good technique and personal development rather than violence and aggression. Wing Chun can be simply learned by commitment and patience - age, sex or physical size are of no consequence, and a high level of proficiency can be obtained quickly and with ease.

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