Wing Chun Gung-Fu Wooden Dummy Training-Lop Sau, Chee Sau and Dummy Theory-Randy Williams


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Wing Chun Gung-Fu Wooden Dummy Training-Part Two-Lop Sau, Chee Sau and Dummy Theory-Randy Williams

Sifu Randy Williams is one the worldís most well known and respected Wing Chun Kung Fu artists, and has published more Wing Chun Kung Fu instructional books and videos than any other Sifu. Williams is the founder of the Close Range Combat Academy network and has academies in the U.S, Italy, Chile, Australia, Austria, England, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. Sifu Williams travels the globe teaching seminars at each of his academies and spreading his method of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Randy's popularity is a result of many years of hard work, carrying out the teachings of Wing Chun that he received from Sifu George Yau, Sifu Augustine Fong (America) and Sifu Ho Kam Ming (Hong Hong). Randy has worked with world-famous celebrities such as Al Pacino, Andy Garcia and Antonio Banderas. He has worked as a bodyguard for such stars as Steven Seagal, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and U2.

1) Yip Man -> George Yau -> Randy Williams
2) Yip Man -> Ho Kam Ming -> Augustine Fong -> Randy Williams
3) Yip Man -> Ho Kam Ming -> Randy Williams

This DVD concentrates on the Lop Sau/Fon Sau switch, the Chahng Dai Jyeung switch, the Biu Sau switch, the Gum Sau switch and the Pock Sau switch. He then goes into Look Sau rolling hands and attack combinations, sticky foot, the dummy centerline theory and more.

This second part on dummy training introduces the more mobile footwork patterns, such as triangle step (ghost stepping) with associated hand motions. For many people this can be surprisingly difficult to understand, and the dummy is an excellent way to achieve the true feelings of these motions. Many clear drills. Again, he shows most things in application on a partner. He also shows the use of the wooden dummy as almost a responsive partner when training for Lap Sau and Chee Sao drills.

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