Automotive Cheap Tricks and Special F/X DVD 3-Craig Fraser


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In this long-awaited DVD installment, Craig Fraser shows you step-by-step how to create a complete hot-selling automotive kustom graphic using his top tricks and techniques. Cheap Tricks 3 is another excellent companion to Fraser's book, Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X, and is suited for intermediate and advanced airbrush users.
In this video, you'll learn:
  • Using blue fine-line vinyl tape
  • Working on metal surfaces
  • Negative and positive space
  • Discussion of working on motorcycles and cars
  • Using automotive quality masking tape
  • Secrets of masking
  • Applying automotive masking paper
  • Uses of the X-Acto knife
  • Protecting against 'bleeding'
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Use of pre-cleaner
  • House of Kolor urethane paints
  • Use of RU-311 reducer
  • Iwata RG-2 spraygun
  • Iwata Eclipse airbrush
  • Iwata Micron C airbrush
  • Paint ratios
  • Tack coats
  • Avoiding paint settling
  • Using Kandy Koncentrates
  • SG-100 Intercoat Clear
  • How to mix clears
  • Use of stencils
  • Flame effect
  • Avoiding overspray
  • Freehand airbrushing
  • 3-D effect in graphics
  • Techniques in removing tapes
  • Correcting tape bleed
  • Smoke/lizard skin pattern freehand
  • Use of solvent-proof freehand stencils
  • 'pushing' and 'pulling' colours
  • Use of semi-transparent transfer tape
  • Use of reference marks
  • Multiple graphic design
  • Use of dual-cartridge respirator masks
  • Urethanes versus acrylics
  • Wet versus dry spraying
  • Masking repairs
  • Dulling the tape
  • Advantages of gravity-feed airbrushes
  • 'Blowout' technique with an airbrush
  • Pinstriping:
  • Pinstriping urethane
  • Swordstriper technique
  • Slash line
  • Pulling and pushing the line
  • Loading the paintbrush
  • Importance of spinning the brush
  • And more!
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