Fun Easy Effective Intu-Flow produces pain-free, energized results faster than you ever thought possible! Referred to variously as yoga in motion, tai chi without the fluff, or hi-tech Qigong , Intu-Flow is a powerful Key, unlocking the door to: Deep Relaxation Whole Body Tension Release Increased Focus & Concentration Heightened Sensory Awareness Enhanced Joint Mobility Superior Athletic Performance Bioenergy Amplification As an easy to perform meditation, Intu-Flow is available to everyone, young and old, men and women, without years of arduous study or injury producing excess. These exercises have helped thousands of busy people, from all walks of life, get Intu-Flow every day. A flowing, intuitive harmony of basic, biomechanically efficient movement, structural body alignment, and simple breathing, Intu-Flow is an exquisite synergy of modern scientific health research and ancient somatic wisdom; an easy to learn, do-it-at-home, playfully fun way to superior health that does not involve weekly classes or regular expenses, year after year. The results are both immediate and profound; once experienced, Intu-Flow helps you feel so good, your day will not feel complete without it. Getting Intu-Flow is easy, but far from superficial. Simple and user-friendly, nothing fancy or complex, it teaches you to maximize your health, throughout your day, with each breath. Combining the best from both Eastern and Western traditions, Intu-Flow is a delightful daily journey into pain-free movement and healthy longevity. More often than not, the most effective approach is the simplest approach. Intu-Flow produces pain-free, energized results without struggle, and with only a few minutes a day.
"An affective fitness methodology that gets results!" --Marty Gallaher, US Powerlifter and author
I think that Intu-Flow® is a fantastic starting point. As a matter of fact, it so well put together that it is on my shopping list for several family members. The information is so well explained and presented that I can send it out to people that are not familiar with exercise programs, and at the same time it has added tremendous depth to my person practice after just a brief period of time. --Dave Owens, CST
Basic enough to be helpful to anyone interested in bodily fitness yet challenging enough for even the elite athlete." --Dr. Steve Graf, Professor of Psychology
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Intuflow by Scott Sonnon

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