Strong and Stable Shoulder 4 Life by Firas Zahabi

Coach Zahabi has spent years working with the top experts from around the world on how to prevent and rehabilitate shoulder injuries. In the Strong and Stable Shoulders 4 Life program, you will learn exactly how to keep your shoulders healthy for life!

Coach takes you deep into understanding why the martial arts, gymnastic, ballet and yoga traditions have long understood what is optimal for performance. This content is life changing!

Learn from the man who has trained countless professional athletes at the highest level.

This program is designed for athletes of every kind.

In Part 1, you will learn:

How to gently force your shoulders into internal rotation while exercising.
How to gently force your shoulders into external rotation while exercising. 
How to increasing stability in your shoulders 
The stretch band routine used by the pros
the "A" "T" "Y" sequence for healthy shoulders 
Turkish Get UP progressions (must know) 
Why Isometrics holds are so important and how to execute them
The Kettlebell Split Jerk for developing work class shoulders 
The Barbell Jerk for incredible stability training 
The Barbell Split Jerk for developing incredible world class stability. 
Low impact plyometric routine for high velocity sports preparation. 
The water routine use for rehabilitating injury and building strength
The Punch Out routine for building world class boxing shoulders  
 And much more! 


In part 2, you will learn 

Why I personally never go to the doctors for joint pain or injury
How to use the “Pain Rule” to figure out reps and sets. (Life changing info) 
Why exercise selection is crucial 
Understanding  the most mobile join in the body (stability training is King)
Why the Turkish get up is so important
Why tight muscles in the shoulder are dangerous
How to find trigger points 
Working up stream and down stream
Understadning eccentric load 
Why isometrics holds are so important 
Underdeveloped shoulders (Split Jerk test)
Why rest is not enough
Why stability is paramount 
Why strengthening is important
Why we need explosive movement (overhead movements)
Why we need endurance
Why you always need a margin of safety
Understanding overtraining
Consistency over intensity
Understanding RPE (rate of perceived exertion)
My personal history of shoulder injuries
and so much more!!!

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Release 16 March 2022
Strong and Stable Shoulder 4 Life by Firas Zahabi

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Strong and Stable Shoulder 4 Life by Firas Zahabi

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