• Strong and Stable Running 4 Life by Firas Zahabi
Strong and Stable Running 4 Life by Firas Zahabi
What is the number one way to improve body composition? Running! What is the number one way to naturally increase hormones and remain young? Running! What is the greatest way to prepare yourself for the intensities of combat? Running! 

When you run (Sprint) you burn more calories per second than you do in any other possible human activity! There is nothing as intense as running (sprinting) when it comes to calories per second. By acclimating our body to running (sprinting) we can now easily reach new heights of intensities in our chosen sport. Simply practicing your sport of choice will never allow you to achieve your highest potential in that sport! This is a well known secret of elite trainers: by sprinting regularly you will quickly improve your tolerance to increased levels intensity, your grappling/MMA sessions will seem tame in comparison. Still, it is crucial however that your running routine not take away from precious mat time. This is why Coach Zahabi has included a PDF Guide with sample workouts and details on exactly how to incorporate a running program for combat athletes. 

Most important of all, you will learn proper running technique that will allow you to decrease recovery time, decrease inflammation and eliminate injury. You will be able to run faster, further and pain free. Coach also demonstrates the Dynamic Warm-Up and how to shuttle run, a variety of “cut backs” techniques that will allow you to develop world class legs and a respiratory system that will never quit! 

Coach will also teach you the best method for increasing the size of your calfs! Forget expensive calf raise machines, forget doing countless reps hoping to see your calfs grow. Coach Zahabi will teach the easiest way to safely use leverage against your calf and force them to grow. 

This instructional runs for over 1hr with zero dead time or fluff and includes a PDF Companion Guide! You get the equivalent of what you would learn in a 3-hour seminar. Coach loves to get straight to the point. You will waste zero minutes watching this video. Every single minute in this video is educational.

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Strong and Stable Running 4 Life by Firas Zahabi

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Strong and Stable Running 4 Life by Firas Zahabi

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