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About TapouT XT
TapouT® XT is 12 extreme MMA inspired DVD workouts that will help you burn fat, build lean muscle and shred your abs. With TapouT XT we have reinvented the way people even think about working out at home. TapouT XT was developed by fitness expert and pro trainer, Mike Karpenko. Mike’s program is based on a synergistic combination of cardio, strength, core and power exercises coupled with fun and challenging MMA inspired kicks, punches and elbows which will take you to a whole new level of fitness in only 90-days. Warning! We don’t give away TapouT bodies… you have to earn them with sweat!

Why TapouT XT
We knew that anything with TapouT in its name had to be extreme and that’s why we have created the most extreme home fitness DVD workout on the planet. The XT stands for Extreme Training and you will see extreme weight loss and muscle toning results. There are no weights, no pull-ups and no two hour workouts. Everything you need for TapouT XT comes in the box. In less than one hour a day for just 90-days, you will see extreme results. TapouT XT flat out works!
The principle of RIPP is based on explosive bursts of strike and kick combinations combined with targeted resistance and power training that will fire your metabolism, build lean sexy muscle and can burn up to 1,200 calories per workout!

Tapout XT Creator: Mike Karpenko
At age 43, fitness expert pro trainer and TapouT XT creator, Mike Karpenko, uses his decades of experience with MMA fighters and professional athletes to create the ultimate MMA inspired home fitness program. Mike will teach you and motivate you to reach new heights and push through physical and mental barriers to see extreme fitness results. At TapouT XT, we believe that results speak for themselves! So below is what just some TapouT XT true believers and professional MMA fighters are saying about Mike Karpenko and TapouT XT.

Light Heavyweight World Champion Jon “Bones” Jones: “TapouT XT and Mike are as authentic as it gets. TapouT XT is the ultimate workout!”

MMA professional fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone: “You gotta push when the going gets tough and you feel like quitting -- that’s where Mike comes in – he’s a wild dude. He gives you that extra push you need to dig deep and go hard.”

Michael Mason: “Mike Karpenko is the real deal. He will make you believe you can do anything. I've trained with other trainers, some really great people and Mike K. is the best by far. With TapouT XT, Mike brings the highest level of enthusiasm and the most killer moves you have ever seen.”

Kelly McKendry: “Mike took me to a new level! Mike uses the right combination of cardio and strength moves. The difference for me was that Mike helped me to build muscle, which in turn helped me to more effectively burn the fat.”

Frida Silva: “Mike is an absolute inspiration. He pushed me far beyond my limit every day, always leading by example and bringing his incredible energy. The exercises are brilliant in how he incorporates all the different muscle groups in a fast pace, fun setting. Mike is a trainer who is fully dedicated to his trade and is passionate about what he does and about his clients and now he gets a chance to share his powerful knowledge with millions of people. TapouT XT. Come and get it!”

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