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Marco Lala has trained under some of the highest ranking Japanese instructors in full-contact Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling.
He is a former certified Kyokushin instructor, light weight Bare knuckle champion, Judo competitor and founder of the Tettsu Bushi Jitsu System.

Everything you ever wanted to know about striking, grappling and conditioning... from one reliable source.

For the first time ever, you can get one of the most highly endorsed video training systems in the world! Law enforcement, military, high ranking instructors, mixed martial artists, sports athletes and other video instructors have purchased and endorsed these products for the past 2 decades! Get thousands of techniques drills & live fight footage... everything you ever wanted to know about striking and grappling but couldn’t get from one reliable source. I’ve helped thousands of people in over 60 countries. I guarantee I can help you!

How to Achieve TOTAL BODY FLEXIBILITY at any age! Now called, "THE BEST STRETCHING TAPE EVER PRODUCED." Tips on proper workout clothes, times to stretch and proper care of body. No partners or expensive equipment. Reduce injuries. Maintain flexibility ALL DAY! Guaranteed!
NEVER BEFORE SEEN SECRETS for passing that tough 6 to 12 inches from a Full Split! NEW Stretch "drills" maximize punching & kicking power by 200%. Beyond the 180 degree split now possible for the FIRST TIME! You must master VoL. 1.


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