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Our goal is to give all athletes a tool for designing a systematic, safe, personalized, and sustainable fitness program. Combatives Conditioning (CC) does three things for athletes:

1. Reduce the chance of injury

2. Improves overall athletic performance

3. Grows athletes beyond “good shape” to being in “fight / competition-ready” shape.

CC is concerned with results. It is a systematic and progressive four phased fitness program designed to improve the competitive athletes’ functional fitness. Functional fitness goes beyond simply building muscle or maintaining cardio conditioning. Our program challenges the body in diverse environments – multidimensional, multiplanar, stable and unstable, and static to dynamic – thereby emulating the unpredictable nature of life and competitive sports. CC will help athletes realize their full performance output potential while minimizing their chance of injury.

The four phases of CC are:

Phase 1 Balance and Stability;
Phase 2 Strength;
Phase 3 Power;
Phase 4 Fight-specific Training.

Not all athletes will require all phases. CC is designed to be personalized to meet the needs of individual athlete’s and their sport requirements. CC will grow with the athlete so different techniques may be brought in as the athlete evolves. CC will challenge the MMA / BJJ athlete to be a complete fighter by building a fully conditioned body.

4. Who is it designed for?

CC is a universal program and will work for athletes of all ability levels. While CC includes a full menu of exercises, it is a conceptual model for athlete and coaches to create personalized workouts specific to the athletic goals, physical ability, and training stage of the individual. We have taken the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) model and applied it to the physical demands of MMA / BJJ training.

You can do virtually all our workouts with the most basic fitness equipment, virtually anywhere. CC is not about the facility or equipment used, rather about the techniques and progressions employed.

5. What makes CC unique from other fitness products?

CC’s goal is not simply to get the user into shape. Rather, it is to improve the athlete’s performance for competition in sports, while minimizing potential for injury. This instructional series highlights good biomechanical technique on all movements, demonstration workouts with modifications that make training more or less challenging, and offers a movement library on the Data CDRom that includes over one hundred additional exercises (in addition to the ones found on the three hours of DVD instruction) to be used in creating new CC workouts.

6. Our background
Dewey Nielsen – a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified fitness trainer. Dewey has been in the professional fitness industry since 1997. He has been doing MMA and BJJ since 1998 and has a purple belt in BJJ.

Tony Lelack – a certified training with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and has a B.S. in Sports Medicine / Athletic Training. Tony is the head trainer at Gold’s Gym in Newberg, Oregon. Tony has been in the professional fitness industry since 1992.

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