Shadow Jitsu-MMA Inspired Bodyweight Training-Joey Alvarado


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  • Over 15 bodyweight training tutorials
  • 4 Follow Along Workouts
  • 8-Week Workout Plan
  • Moderate-Advanced Level Workouts
  • Professionally Mixed Workout Music
  • Perfect for MMA, Jiu Jitsu, & Combat Athletes

If you’re looking to enhance your conditioning & agility, it’s time to start training with Shadow-Jitsu, a killer form of bodyweight training that combines Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and kick boxing exercises into a crazy, heart-pounding workout.

Former professional MMA fighter and trainer Joey Alvarado takes you through each exercise step-by-step, then seemlessly combines the movements into a series of high intensity workouts that will have your sweat poring. Take your endurance to new levels while improving your agility, balance, coordination, and strength with dynamic full body movements.

The Shadow-Jitsu Workout DVD includes over 90 minues of content with 15 step-by-step exercise tutorials and 4 bodyweight workouts. You’ll also get a 4 week workout plan that will guide you towards realistic functional fitness.

Content Breakdown:

Instructionals: 20min
Workout 1: 10 min
Workout 2: 10 min
Workout 3: 30 min
Workout 4a: 10 min
Workout 4b: 5 min

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