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It’s the flow, yo!

But seriously, this program was crafted to provide an accessible blueprint to help people train for and experience flow-state on a regular basis. I could speak at length about why this is so important and potentially life-changing, but I know Scott has shared many of the reasons behind training for flow on the sales page, among other places. So, I won’t rehash it here.

One thing that Scott does say on the sales page is that, “6°Flow brings everything to the table: fat loss, muscle development, improved range of motion, pain freedom and injury prevention…[but] it goes so far beyond the fat-burning and muscle building you’ll receive. ”

And I couldn’t agree more. On the surface, this is an unconventional body recomposition program (for fat loss and muscle gain) that comes with unique injury prevention benefits. But it is so much more than that.

Let me give you a glimpse using this little snippet I grabbed from the program’s handbook (ie the main manual)…

Six Degree Flow makes the pursuit of health-first fitness, pain-free movement, and flow not only braindead-simple, but accessible to all. And with the sale price and all of the extra bonuses that are included as part of the package (did I mention there is a TON of stuff!), this is not only a no-brainer, but I can definitely say that you will miss out – big time – if you don’t take advantage of this limited time offer.

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