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ATTENTION: All Wrestlers, Wrestling Dads, And Coaches... New Video Teaches You How To...
Learn Surefire Ways To Becoming The Absolute Best Wrestler You Can Be
Did you know that there is an entire ART to wrestling drags, ducks, trips, and sweeps?
Wouldn't you like to simplify your training on just those key areas that will bring the most success?
If so, then you are going to love this...
Imagine, mastering the art of low-risk and high percentage takedowns by 3x NCAA All-American Wrestler and coach Jon Trenge.
This is the new “Takedown” series and it contains core wrestling technique and strategies that you can use to the hilt before your competitors catch on! 
Discover the most important techniques, strategies and drills that can give your wrestling an unfair advantage.
This is Jon’s COMPLETE CURRICULUM ON DRAGS, DUCKS, TRIPS AND SWEEPS that give you brain-dead simple ways to quickly expand your grappling arsenal without adding any mind-numbing complexity.
Jon shares an unprecedented look into this world and teaches you the various types of attacks, counters and setups it takes to DOMINATE your opponent.
New Simplified System Helps You Master The Critical Areas of Wrestling
Jon Trenge's Takedown: The Ultimate Guide To Wrestling Drags, Ducks, Trips, And Sweeps
Discover Quick And Easy Ways To Dominate Your Next Opponent
Here's The Perfect Solution To Mastering  Wrestling!
Step-by-step formulas for high-performance.  
One of a kind instruction... not rehashed or recycled from anywhere else.
Here's The Perfect Solution To Mastering  Wrestling!
Jon's training videos are truly some of the best around, and the system he teaches here is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately....
Don’t let the size of this course fool you! 
Tons of training hours of research went into this project.
  Jon has pulled in some of his favorite training methods for you.
Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system for building champion wrestlers.
Start simplifying your training and focus on the high return areas.
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