If you are looking for a unique approach to grappling, You’ve found it!
Catch Wrestling employs a fast and aggressive style that blends the best of Judo, Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu!
Jake Shannon has OVER 25 YEARS of grappling experience, and provides a deep look at the complexities of Catch Wrestling Takedowns.
Make complex techniques look EASY, with Shannon’s approach you can take athleticism out of the equation.
Jake’s system focuses on getting the battle to the ground and immediately going on the attack.
If most of your tools require your opponent to be on the ground you better be able to reliably put them there! Catch Wrestling Takedowns gives you a 3-part gameplan on how to drag, drop, and flip your opponent to the ground. Jake Shannon goes a step further by providing pathways of attack directly off of the takedown.
The first part of the instructional focuses on getting you into the mindset of Catch as Catch Can or as it is more commonly known Catch Wrestling. Catch blends styles and tactics from multiple martial arts and forges an aggressive non-stop attacking style. Jake Shannon is on the forefront of the Catch world, and has over 15 years of coaching experience. The first section is designed to give you a better approach to specific skills and phases that will allow you to be more fluid on your feet.
After you get the hang of moving on your feet and starting to control your opponent, part 2 kicks into full gear with throws and takedowns. Techniques like the Mare Throw and Dragon Screw give your opponent little opportunity to provide a sound defense, which makes your job of securing the takedown much easier. As a nice added bonus Jake discusses further options once the fight hits the floor.
Part 3 continues where Part 2 left off… MORE TAKEDOWNS! Jake goes into counters and re-counters in this section so you will have plenty of options of attack. The Scissor Takedown is one of the most effective takedowns in combat. However, it does come with some risk. Jake covers the finer points of safety for both yourself and your training partners. Once you have it nailed, your competition won’t know what hit them!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Intro to catch as catch can
Catch wrestling positions
Breaking it down 
6 basic skills phases 
Stance motion pivoting 
Hand fighting 
Collar and elbow
Part 2:
Mare throw
Drive to shin lock 
Wrist lock to take down
Two on one front headlock 
Arm ringer 
Shot put go behind 
Over under Knee tap pivot takedown 
Front lateral takedown
Duck under to Firemans 
Dragon screw 
Single leg counter surfboard drop toe hold/baseball
Part 3:
Front headlock pivot throw
Small package
Counter to small package
Sit down and flip over counter to a single 
Collar and wrist to whizzed 
Failed hype to salto/arm 
Scissor takedown 
Scissor takedown Caution
Whizzer escape recounter 
Headlock takeover 
Double wrist lock take down
Two on 1 to mare
Two on 1 recounter 
Fireman’s carry 
Get behind 
School boy
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Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

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