Don’t just learn a bag of tricks, Jake teaches you how to create a hard to stop submission chain that pushes the pace and leaves your opponent open for submissions!
Jake Shannon, Founder & Coach of Scientific Wrestling, is back with more Catch Wrestling BRUTALITY!
Learn complex Catch-based submissions with easy to follow steps that will have you ripping toe holds, kneebars, and more.
Submissions like the Dragon Sleeper and Texas Cloverleaf provide a unique perspective on how to make your opponent submit.
Compliment your game with a new perspective that is attack-based and submission oriented.
Catch Wrestling is a unique approach to grappling. Whether your background is in BJJ, Sambo, Judo, or Folkstyle Wrestling, Jake Shannon is the right person to introduce you to Catch Wrestling. With over a decade of experience in Catch, Jake has a way of breaking down complex techniques into digestible chunks that ANYONE can add to their game.
Catch Wrestling Submissions focuses on putting your opponent in compromising positions that leave you stable, and ready to attack. Jake teaches methods of control that completely stifle your opponent’s movement. Part 3 of the instructional focuses on using pins to shut down your opponent’s escapes. Techniques like the deadman pin leave them with nowhere to turn!
Jake continuously puts you in positions where you have the advantage positionally and can utilize proper leverage to overcome your opponent. Techniques like The Sugar Hold leave your opponent with a feeling of dread this impending doom and discomfort forces them to make mistakes. What’s even better is that you don’t have to rely on strength. Instead, Catch Wrestling Submissions gives you an attack plan that revolves around easy to learn patterns that lead to surefire submissions.
Catch Wrestling Submissions has a section dedicated to being underneath your opponent. While this isn’t ideal if you grapple long enough someone is probably going to put you on your back! Jake teaches you how to utilize Catch Wrestling’s aggressive approach even from BAD positions. Get out from underneath your opponent with techniques like the short sit out, and the slick arm switch.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
The 9 positions of catch can 
Head and arm submissions 
Subs from cross body cross face
Sugar hold 
Toe hold 
Cradle choke 
Other side cradle choke 
ReCounter to half guard from cross recovery
Lockdown counter 
Double wrist lock from cross body
Counters to cloth grab 
Part 2:
North south subs
Dragon sleeper 
Neck crank 
Shin ride subs 
Walk back knee attack
Wrist locks from punching 
Bear crawl 
Fujiwara cradle 
Texas cloverleaf 
Leg locks from Saturday night ride 
Knee bar details 
Knee bar drills 
Knee bar toe hold 
Knee escape counter 
Counter to the counter
Ball and chain knee bar counter
Toe hold counter to knee bar escape counter 
Belly down heel hook 
Carl gotch 
Toe holds 
Where to attack 
Part 3:
Rear body rear cross face subs 
Neck crank 
Toe hold 
Rear north south position 
Chin strap 
Front full nelson 
Rear north south position 2 
Chin strap roll with s lock 
Steering wheel toe hold 
Putting the turtle on its back
Cross face counter to turtle 
Deadman pin 
Crossface cradle 
Crossface cradle variation
Bill robinson armbar to fujiwara armbar to pin 
Bar arm to hammer lock 
Bar arm to bridge rollover 
Wrestling guillotine and far side twister 
Calf slicer 
Side wind
Inside and outside toe hold
Part 4:
Reversal of single leg into spladle 
Single leg counter to cradle 
Arm drag counter to mare 
Escapes from bottom 
Front arm switch to the back 
Getting from phase 3 to phase 1 
Short normal long sitout 
Sitout switch 
Sit out Arm roll 
Stand from underneath 
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