• Brick Wall Defense by Hayden Zillmer
Brick Wall Defense by Hayden Zillmer
Stop Your Opponent's Shots With These Counter Wrestling Techniques From All-American Hayden Zillmer
Develop impenetrable brick wall defense with NCAA All-American Hayden Zillmer
Learn creative scrambling options from crackdowns, single legs, front headlocks, and more!
Zillmer is a 2-Time Freestyle National Team member, 2-Time Greco National Team Member, and Olympic Team Trials Veteran
Master Zillmer’s amazing counteroffensive strategies, front headlock offense, and shot recovery techniques that will make you a more well-rounded grappler
Part 1:
Counter Attacking and Front Headlock Offense
Head/Hands: Flagging to Go-Behind
Head/Hands: Dragging to Go-Behind
Outside Step to Leg Re-Attack
Front Headlock Positioning - Getting Behind The Elbows
Front Headlock Positioning - Switch Directions/Getting Behind the Elbows
Front Headlock Positioning - Hand to the Chin
Front Headlock Positioning - Drag
Front Headlock Positioning - Head In The Hole
Front Headlock Positioning - Near Side Cradle
Front Headlock Positioning - Throw By
Front Headlock Positioning - Near Side Switch to Other Side
Front Headlock Positioning - Cow Catcher
Front Headlock Positioning - Elbow Caught, Change Over
Front Headlock Positioning - Elbow Caught, Knee Tap
Front Headlock Positioning - Elbow Caught, Start The Chainsaw
Front Headlock Positioning - Elbow Caught
Part 2:
Single Leg Defense
Throw The Head Outside
When Man Keeps Hands Locked
Whizzer and Step Over Top
Whizzer and Get Hand Below Knee, Grab Ankle
Whizzer Baseline
Whizzer, High Leg Over - Cradle
Whizzer, High Leg Over - Wrestle Through It
Leg In the Air
Leg In The Air, Rubber Knee
Whizzer to the Mat
High Up On The Leg
Part 3
High Crotch Defense
High Crotch Defense - Baseline
High Crotch Defense - Throw The Head Inside
High Crotch Defense - Sit The Corner
High Crotch Defense - Crotch Lock
High Crotch Defense - Beat The Shoulder, Attack The Leg
Crackdown Defense - Weight To Head
Crackdown Defense - Chest Lock
Crackdown Defense - Beat Shoulder, Sit Corner
Low Single Defense
Knee In The Shoulder
Sit The Corner
Low Single Defense - Fall Off The Side
Part 4
Crackdown Offense
Running Under The Leg Finish
Getting The Arm Across
Table The Leg
Attack Nearside Cradle
Far Ankle
Back Elbow Stack Position
Back Elbow Pop The Head
Shot Recovery Series
Single Leg Shot Recovery Basics
Single Leg Shot Recover: Throw-By
Single Leg Shot Recover: Body Lock
Single Leg Shot Recovery: Run Down Pick
Single Leg Shot Recovery: Front Headlock
Single Leg Shot Recovery: Duck Under
Front Headlock Shot Recovery: Attacking Hand
Front Headlock Shot Recovery: Sucker Drag
Front Headlock Shot Recovery: Peak Out
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Brick Wall Defense by Hayden Zillmer

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