• Attack The Takedown by Sean Russell
Attack The Takedown by Sean Russell
Shoot and Score With Precision Takedown Technique From NCAA All-American Sean Russell
Attack the takedown and score with D1 All-American and 4-Time Georgia State Champion Sean Russell
Russell is an NCAA All-American, Three-Time NCAA Qualifier, 3-Time Eastern Wrestling League Champion, and was even awarded the Most Dedicated Wrestler Award among his long list of grappling achievements
Master the art of attacking the takedown with amazing strategies and brilliant techniques that have served Russell at the highest levels of the sport
Learn elite level control tactics, set-ups, and finishes for your favorite takedowns and add new and dangerous tools to your grappling arsenal
Develop a more efficient and dangerous game from the feet with heavily decorated NCAA All-American, 4-time State Champion, and 3-Time NCAA Qualifier Sean Russell. Through elite level coaching and guidance, you'll master the same incredible takedown strategies Russell has used at the highest levels of wrestling to become a more dominant takedown specialist while learning to attack, secure, and finish a variety of high percentage techniques. Russell’s techniques have already been battle-tested and are ready to be immediately recruited into your stand-up arsenal to help you secure the takedown with greater ease than you ever thought possible!
In 4 packed volumes of sheer wrestling wizardry, you'll cover everything from collar tie work, to elbow control and front headlock offense. You'll use single legs, ankle picks, the high crotch, arm drags, and an absolute plethora of other high percentage attacks to get the job done. You'll receive amazing details on finishing some of the most common takedowns in wrestling and some contingencies so you can stay in the fight and earn the takedown! You will be amazed at the amount of content you receive and Russell’s guidance is absolutely world-class!
Russell is highly experienced and his strategies and systems are on point. Russell’s abilities as an instructor are far-reaching and you'll be able to follow with the depth of knowledge and attention to detail in this one of a kind series dedicated to removing your training partners and opponents from thier feet!
Part 1:
Inside Tie and 2 on 1 Offense
Introduction to The Inside Tie Position
Inside Tie: Hi-C
Inside Tie: Fake Hi-C to Snapdown
Inside Tie: Hi-C Follow Up to Ankle Pick
Inside Tie: Double Leg
Inside Tie: Arm Drag
2 on 1: Hi-C
2 on 1: Single Leg
2 on 1: Dump
Part 2:
Front Headlock Offense
Introduction to the Front Headlock Position
Snap Down Go Behind
Snap Down Throw By
Knee Block Go Behind
Knee Tap
Dresser Dump
Outside Dump
Ankle Pick
Part 3
Elbow Control
Elbow Control: Boot Scoot
Elbow Control: Throw-By
Elbow Control: Far Ankle Pick
Elbow Control: Punch Underhook
Elbow Control Punch Underhook: Dip High-Crotch
Elbow Control Punch Underhook: Far Ankle Pick/Double
Elbow Control Punch Underhook: Wrist Control Single
Single Legs From The Open & over The Collar Series
Dart Single
Misdirection Single Leg
Collar Tie Shrug
Over The Collar: Ankle Pick
Over The Collar: Pop Single
Over The Collar: Slide-By to Ankle
Over The Collar: Snap to Low Ankle Attack
Part 4
Finishing Leg Attacks
Finishing Single Leg: Drive to Feet Trip
Finishing Single Leg: Duck The Leg to Bodylock
Finishing Single Leg: Whizzer
Finishing Single Leg: Coming Out The Back
High-Crotch Sit
High-Crotch Sit: Switch to Double
High-Crotch Sit: Crackdown 1
High-Crotch Sit: Crackdown 2
High-Crotch Knee Pound Drill
Positioning Drill
Snap Go Behind
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Attack The Takedown by Sean Russell

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