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Life moves quickly...some days, all you have time for is just a ''Taste''. Sara Ivanhoe's ''Taste'' is a new DVD for beginners and all levels that consists of 10 short yoga sequences as well as three extended programs. The 10 short yoga sequences are special ordered for those times when all you want is a quick taste: wake, cleanse, work, burn, shed, firm, tail, core, sleep, and chill; the three extended programs are: slim, strength, and rest.

Sara Elizabeth Ivanhoe began teaching yoga in 1995 shortly after graduating with honors from New York University. She has completed teacher trainings with Erich Schiffmann, Yoga Works and John Friend in the Ansura style. Sara is the instructor for the ''Yoga for Dummies'' series, the ''Crunch Yoga'' series as well as the collaboration with Russell Simmons ''Yoga Live'', altogether selling over 4.4 million units worldwide. She had an extended run on Fit TV with ''All Star Workouts'' and on Exercise TV with ''Yoga on the Edge''. Sara was a regular on Vh1's ''Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab'' and has been featured on all the major news channels. She is highlighted in the acclaimed documentary ''Titans of Yoga'' and the upcoming ''Women of Bhakti''. Loyola Marymount University has awarded Sara a Certification in Yoga Philosophy and in Yoga and Ecology in conjunction with the Green Yoga Association. She is currently studying for her Master's Degree in Yoga Philosophy at LMU.

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