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what is in the Takedown Blueprint program Jimmy & Travis are offering?

It’s a 3 DVD set packed with nothing but useful information, no fluff here.

On the first two DVDs, Jimmy and Travis show their best takedowns to use in BJJ Matches – meaning these will be safe throws and won’t expose you to back takes.

• Osoto Gari – Outer Reaping Throw – A devastating throw to sue against an opponent leaning backwards

• Knee Osoto Gari – A slick modification to throw opposite sided players with osoto

• Drop Seoi Nage – An Explosive, yet surprisingly low risk takedown

• Ippon Seoi Nage – An even safer way to land the one armed shoulder throw

• Tomoe Nage – The tips Travis shows on this move will allow you to launch opponents as they think you are pulling guard: you have to see this move!

• Tai Otoshi – An explosive body drop to use on an opponent pushing into you

• One Handed Tai Otoshi – a very slick way to use the body drop that hardly any BJJ Player will see coming

• Ouchi Gari – Inner reap – a very safe way to take your opponent down into their guard

• Sumi Gaeshi – A very slick sacrifice throw where your back hits the mat first, yet you end up on top

• Fireman’s Carry – An Explosive takedown that ends with the opponent on your shoulders: a great place to be and the set up is very cool

On the third DVD they will show you when to use these moves against 4 types of Jiu Jitsu players:

  • The Wrestler
  • The Strong Weightlifter
  • The Guy Who Bends At The Waist
  • The Guard Puller

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