High Level Fundamentals-Gregor Gracie


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These Easy To Learn Concepts Work At Any Belt Level – White To Black As Well As For Any Age- Old Or Young.
Gregor Gracie hasn’t had an easy life, but he has an advantage that most any serious grappler would kill for: He’s a Gracie. His family invented and perfected this system of Jiu Jitsu, spread it throughout the world and changed Martial Arts more than any other family in history. They are a lot like most families in one respect though: they want their own family members to be the best. In Jiu Jitsu, everything Is earned, nothing is given ... but it does help to have the best instructors in your family making sure you learn everything right along the way. For the Gracies, Jiu Jitsu is all about efficiency. It is a very simple game: Use the most efficient moves and concepts + minimum effort and maximum efficiency in every spot.
Opening The Closed Guard
Small Details For Opening The Guard
Finishing The Closed Guard Pass
Double Peg Drag Pass
Folding Pass
Knee Cut Pass
Lasso Guard Pass
Spider Guard Pass
1 Leg Spider Pass
Double Under Pass
Arm Bar Set Up
Cross Choke
Overhook Cross Choke
Back Take From Closed Guard
Arm Bar Off The Failed Back Take
Trapping The Arm With The Lapel Arm Bar
Passing The Lapel Behind The Back
Triple Attack From The Closed Guard
Finishing The Triangle
Foot On The Bicep Scissor Sweep
Omoplata From Lasso Guard
Spider Guard Sweep
De LA Riva To Mount
Lasso Sweep
Triangle From Spider Lasso
Spider guard to single leg x sweep
Single Leg X/Outside Hook Sweep
Far Side Arm Bar From Cross Side
Far Side Kimura From Cross Side
Bread cutter choke from kimura
2 Chokes From Kimura Tie-Up To Back
Cross Choke From Mount
Arm Bar From Mount
Brazilian Necktie
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