The Z Guard Encyclopedia-Craig Jones 3 DVD Set


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Why You Should Learn Craig Jone’s Z Guard-
Just One Idea from The Z Guard Encyclopedia Could Change Your Jiu Jitsu Forever!
Once you finish watching Craig’s Z Guard Encyclopedia you will have a ton of new steps to start the match with
Craig who was virtually unheard of prior to ADCC 2017 and submitted Favorite, Leandro Lo & Legend Murilo Santana
Craig also went on to compete and make it to the finals of EBI losing to none other than Gordan Ryan in overtime
Craigs secret weapon: The Z Guard
Craig has long been utilizing the Z guard on everyone
Craig Jones shocked the world at the 2017 ADCC Grappling Championship. Craig submitted superstars Leandro Lo and Murillo Santana back to back in a performance that will be remembered for years to come.
Recently he had a barn-burner with Gordon Ryan at EBI Absolute. A few months after that he won the Polaris Middleweight Title by submitting the hard-nosed veteran Jake Shields using a heel-hook from his famous Z Guard.
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