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Learn The Techniques That Will Keep You Safe On The Mat - When You Know How To Escape Any Submission
Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American grapplers of all time
Tom DeBlass Has Never Given Up A Point At The ADCC Trials In 6 Years
Learn The Methods That Allow Him To Always Be Safe
He Frustrates Some Of Toughest Submission Hunters In the Game Daily In Training & In His Active Competition Schedule
Tom is a 3x winner of the ADCC Trials, he is a Masters World Champion in BJJ at Black Belt, Pan Black Belt Champ and has won basically everything else
Tom is one of the best grapplers in the world today.  He is multiple time ADCC veteran, mutiple time North American ADCC trials winner, NoGi Black Belt World Champion, Pan Am Champion, UFC veteran, and the list goes on and on.  If you don't know who Tom DeBlass is.. you have probably been living under a rock. Tom has a particularly offensive game and is always the aggressor, what allows him to be aggressive with anybody and everybody is the fact that he knows he can ESCAPE anything.  Tom has trained with the best in the world for years and has been put in every bad position you can imagine.  He can turn a bad position into a great position and has confidence in his escapes.  This confidence is what allows Tom to do what he does, he knows that nobody can submit him so he has no fear when he grapples!
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