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Rediscover the fundamentals from world class black belt Raphael Carneiro
The fundamentals is what wins matches
Raphael Carneiro has over 10 years of experience
Surprise all of your training partners with Carneiro's competition tested basics
Gain an entirely new perspective on the basics
Transform your entire game
So What's On This Series?
Before Anything Else, You Must Learn To Guard Yourself
-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of (if not the single) most effective forms of self defense in the world, and that is thanks, in no small part, to the guard. Being able to not only defend, but attack and win, from off your back is a skill that you can use again and again, especially against those bigger, stronger, or faster. Don’t get stuck being smashed and passed without an answer anymore, thanks to Raphael’s expert instruction. Starting with your most basic open and closed guards, and slowly building to more advanced guards like De La Riva, X, and lasso, you’ll see how to attack and defend yourself from a wide variety of positions that are sure to suit any grappler’s style. Raphael leads you through the simple variations, with his own personal additions, that he has used to incredible success, before building to more challenging positions that still work on those same few fundamentals that let him excel. Any fighter who needs a new answer off their back is sure to find it on this 4-volume set.
Finally Pass and Tap Like A Champion
-Passing a good guard can be one of the most frustrating experiences you have on a mat. You can struggle and push and pull and fight for what seems like hours, only to still be wrapped up in hooks and grips that are leaving you swept or tapping out. You can leave those worries in the past as Raphael slows it all down and simplifies the game, showing you how to approach and combat the most common guards that most fighters face on a regular basis. There’s nothing crazy here, no cartwheels or flying armbars, just pure, solid basics that keep you one step ahead of the person on bottom, and passing into a safe position of control. Once you are there, Raphael shows submission after submission that every good grappler must have, breaking it down in ways that you haven’t seen before.
-Plus much, much more...
Every journey in BJJ is as unique as the person taking it, but every journey begins with the basics. Every black belt once began by learning and perfecting the basic attacks that build the understanding of the principles and concepts that they use in every position or attack, and now it is time for you to learn the same. Join Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Raphael Carniero as he brings you through the basic sweeps, passes and submissions that he uses every day on the mat to stay one step ahead. Over this four-volume set, you’ll be introduced to how to approach each attack, how to move and flow like a savvy mat veteran, and how to keep finding attack after attack no matter if you are on top or bottom.
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