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The Closed Guard: Perfected At The Toughest School In Rio: From A Masters World Champion
Jake MacKenzie - The Gringo Who Became The Chief Instructor At GF Team: Pulls Back The Curtain On The Most Lethal Closed Techniques In Brazil
Turn any closed guard into a competition-ready specialty with this new 3-volume instructional series from one of the best black belts in Rio De Janeiro, Jake Mackenzie
Jake shows you all the strongest attacks and positions that he uses to win from the closed guard, one of the strongest positions in all of BJJ
With innovative grips and combinations that you’ve never seen before, learn all of these effective moves that will leave your opponents trapped, swept, and tapping out
Jake is one of the most creative instructors on the planet, and every volume on this series is packed with concepts and attacks that will supercharge your guard
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