The Sao Paulo Passing System-Leonardo Nogueira


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2x World Champion Leo Nogueira Has A Complete System From Passing From The Knees That Will Squash Any Opponent - Larger Or Smaller
Never Stand Up In The Guard Again!
Learn the pressure secrets behind World Champion Leo Nogueira’s passing system
Leo has one of the best Sao Paulo passes of all time, and he shows how to take this simple pass and supercharge it so that it works against anyone
Get the details behind the crushing top game that he has been able to use against all the guards at the black belt level
Across 4-volumes, anyone can use the hidden details behind being a guard passing machine like Leo Nogueira
So What Exactly Is On This Series? 
Part 1: 
Basic São Paulo pass
São Paulo pass with lapel passed
São Paulo pass with arm passed
High posture São Paulo pass
Knee shield to knee slice with neck crank
Pressure weave
Pressure weave to mount
2 option folding pass
3 option attack to beat the knee shield
Part 2:
2 hook butterfly pass
Single hook butterfly pass
Folding pass with 3 options
Side step spider guard pass with bridge
Spider guard pass to the wrong side
Spider guard pass to leg drag
Part 3:
Double spider to side butterfly pass
Double spider stack pass
Short lasso/spider pass
Lasso guard to torreando pass
Lasso guard to neck crank pass
Flip pass from lasso guard
Knee slice from lasso guard
Deep lasso to over under pass
Deep lasso to folding pass
De la riva to terere pass
Part 4:
De la riva to staple pass
De la riva to knee slice
Leg drag + inverted leg drag from de la riva
De la riva to stack pass
Inverted de la riva to folding pass with 3 finishing options
Stepover pass from inverted de la riva
Inverted de la riva to knee cut pass from behind
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