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Expert in an eclectic range of the world’s deadliest fighting arts, trained by some of the world’s top civilian and military instructors, Martin Wheeler will guide you through the most lethal and profound of martial arts.

His unique training methods, strength/fitness regimes and combat solutions from both sides of the Iron Curtain, methods he teaches to police elite and military special operations operatives world-wide, are now available to the public for the first time.

Now you can discover how to become your own combatives specialist in the the first DVD in his Systema DVD series with MOVING AND STRIKING.

‘I recommend this DVD to anyone studying Systema.’

Vladimir Vasiliev, Master of Systema.

The first DVD available from Martin Wheeler on the Russian Martial Art Systema breaks down the brutal and subtle moving and striking principles of the art in bare-knuckle-full contact demonstrations. With full explainations in a unique media environment be taken from the purely physical to the underlying psychological perspective of Systema.

- Learn how to safely take strikes to the body.

- Move in subtle and unpredictable ways.

- Strike using any part of your body with devastating effect.

- Engage one or more opponents with innovative drills designed to increase awareness.

- Deliver fight finishing blows to multiple attackers.

- Understand the unique Psychology of Systema like never before.

Discover MOVING AND STRIKING Systema from one of The System’s leading practitioners.

‘Without hesitation I can say this in the best DVD on striking I have seen to date.’

Ken J. Good. Former Navy SEAL. Instructor in small unit tactics.

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