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illegal Boxing by Mark Hatmaker

This is a production from the oddballs at TRS. Mr. Hatmaker apologizes for the TRS hype on his website but encourages the individual to take a good look at the materials.

The quality of the DVD is excellent. Lighting, sound, sets, viewing angles, color all greatthe only thing that sucks is the MTV fillers after every technique.
Mr. Hatmakers instruction is superb as usual and theres a bunch of techniques here.

My first reaction to the video was LOL. Wow, this thing is a collection of illegal techniques that I assume you would try to sneak in in an actual boxing match but would also work pretty well on the street.

The reason why I thought they were funny is that after all my years as a kickboxer I was thinking NOW WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT?!

These techniques assume you are already grounded in the basics of boxing and just add on from there. I believe there are over fifteen techniques shown.Things like the Pivot Punch, Balling Nelson, Louisville Slugger, The Popper, Hitch Hiker, Hacksaw, etc. the names alone make me snicker. These are some nifty techs but some of them could have been included on Extreme Boxing by Paladinthe Pivot Punch was there.

Overall, I would recommend that the beginner stay away from these for now. Get Extreme Boxing. Learn the basic four punches, throw in some headbutts, knees and elbows, some eye rakes/gougestrain them diligently then start looking at this kind of stuff. These will work better once you have your basic boxing mechanics down and even your basics are well suited for the street.

With my experience in kickboxing and using the drilling methodology on Hatmakers Extreme Boxing, I could easily just document these techniques and sell the DVD. The Extreme Boxing set is more important for the serious fighter and this DVD is a little pricey. But where else are you gonna learn the Corkscrew?.

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