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Travis Stevens is an Olympic Judo Silver Medalist and John Danaher Black Belt
Travis has one of the strongest foundations from several different forms of grappling
These principles will speed your learning curve
Travis Stevens received his black belt in just 18 months
Learn the central concepts between hitting a move and not
The perfect instructional set for anybody of any age, rank, athletic level, and fitness level
Travis Stevens got good fast.. Now to be fair he started from a different point than you did.. He is one of the best Judokas on the planet. He also drove 4-5 hours weekly to take classes from John Danaher – perhaps the best coach on the planet.
The time he took to go from Training BJJ to Black Belt? 18 Months.
DVD 1 
Concepts when in closed guard
Sao Paulo passing 
Hip control ground breaking
Concepts when doing closed guard 
Knee strike to triangle 
Cross choke in closed guard
Concepts when you’re looking to pass the half guard
Weave pass from half guard 
Half guard pass with knee cut 
DVD 2 
Concepts controlling from bottom half guard 
Under hook to double leg from half guard 
Concepts from side control top position  
Kimura from side control top position  
Bottom side control concepts for recovery 
Single Leg recovery 
Mount concepts 
Cross choke from mount 
Mount concepts from bottom 
Keeping mount escape
DVD 3 
Back control 
Collar choke from the back 
Defending the back concepts
Step over back escape 
Turtle concepts 
Collar choke from turtle 
Concepts for defense
Single leg turtle escape
DVD 4 
Arm bar concepts 
Choke concepts 
Stand up concepts
Pulling half guard 
Pulling closed guard
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